The moment of the death of Jesus is recorded in very few words in the Gospels. Oliver Crilly, a Derry priest, recalls words from the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes that foreshadowed Matthew

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Patrick is Ireland’s most important saint and every year he is celebrated in more and more countries. This year’s parades in cities, towns and villages throughout Ireland underlined how important he still is in the lives of people. Andrew McCarthy talked with Father Jim McCormack, lecturer in Ecclesiastical History in All Hallows College, in Dublin. He began by exploring the question of what exactly we know about Saint Patrick.

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Friday 7 March 2008 is the World Day of Prayer. It’s an international and interdenominational day of reaching out in prayer around the world. Catherine Murtagh, one of the Irish organisers of the event, told Eileen Good what was different about the title this year.


The Gospels are very familiar to us but they are not always so easy to read. To help readers understand and enjoy the Gospels more, Oliver Crilly has developed what he calls “shortcuts” or “stepping stones” to each of the Gospels. He explained to Liam Cahill what he meant by a “stepping stone”. Father Oliver Crilly’s new book “A Shortcut to the Gospels” is published by Veritas.

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Chris O’Donnell, an Irish Carmelite priest, talks to Eileen Good about Lent. She asks him if Lent still has a relevance for us today.

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Lourdes has been a place of pilgrimage for 150 years. It has become the second most popular site for Christian pilgrimage, after Rome, drawing millions of people each year. Miriam Gormally spoke to Franck DeLahaye about the popular shrine and its significance.

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Tony Flannery, an Irish Redemptorist priest, speaks to Eileen Good about Lent. He is glad that the compulsory restrictions that older people remember are no more, valuing the season as a time for seeking the values of the kingdom of God.

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The four gospel accounts converge and differ on certain points. Eileen Good talks to Philip Fogarty, and Irish Jesuit, about how we can understand and interpret the Gospels in our time.

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2009 marks the 100th Anniversary of the week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The chosen theme for the week this year (18 – 25 January 2008) is ‘Pray without Ceasing.’ Miriam Gormally met up with Revd Patrick Comerford to learn more about Christian Unity and began by asking him if ecumenism has become a dead theme. Director of Spiritual Formation at the Church of Ireland Theological College, Revd Patrick Comerford speaks from the stance of the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church of Ireland.

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A new Superior General has just been appointed to lead the Society of Jesus. Many people have compared Jesuit Adolfo Nicolás to Pedro Arrupe (1907-1991) who is remembered as a charismatic and inspiring leader of the Society. Brian Grogan, an Irish Jesuit, speaks to Piaras Jackson about Pedro Arrupe.

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