Sacred Space for Lent 2009

Sacred Space for Lent 2009 is a pocket-sized edition (115 pages) of the popular book with prayer for each day from 25 February to 12 April 2009. You can ‘Look inside’ to preview the text on

The Prayer Book 2009Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2009 is a 376-page daily prayer guide in paperback. Texts are included for each day from 30 November 2008 to 28 November 2009. ‘Look inside’ after clicking on the image.

Sacred Space for Lent 2009The first edition of the Sacred Space prayerbook was published in 2004 by the Australian publisher Michelle Anderson. The book has become popular with thousands of readers in the years since then. A Lent version was first offered in 2007 and an Advent edition followed later that year. Books can be ordered from any bookseller, from the Australian, Irish or United States publishers. You will find links on the pages below to enable you to purchase books from Jesuit publishers and Amazon.

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The Prayer Book 2009Sacred Space prayer books

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