Daily users of Sacred Space may find Google’s Chrome browser to be helpful:

  • Download Google Chrome (or sign up for details of the Mac release) at http://www.google.com/chrome
  • Decide whether you want to use the Standard version of Sacred Space Daily prayer or the Beta version
  • a lis
  • Choose ‘Control the current page’ button from the menu bar
  • Choose ‘Create application shortcuts’
  • Select where you would like to place a shortcut
  • When you click on the shortcut you create, you can press F11 to use the fullscreen option
  • If you use the Beta version, you can create your own selection using the ‘Settings’ option. These will be remembered and used by your Chrome configuration the next time you use the shortcut.
  • See a summary of this solution on YouTube



Sacred Space is available in many languages. You will find a list of these at the top of our home page, http://www.sacredspace.ie/  


Catalan  –   Chinese  –  Croatian  –   Czech  –   English  –   French  –   German  –   Hungarian  –   Indonesian  –   Irish  –   Italian  –   Japanese  –   Korean  –   Latvian  –   Lithuanian  –   Polish    Portuguese  –   Romanian  –   Russian  –   Slovenian  –   Spanish  –   Swedish   


 We are happy to encourage new translations.

New translations will be given access to our system where they can work online to make texts available. We are currently working on our system and hope to be able to renew the introduction of new versions later in 2009.

If you would like to suggest a langauge or offer to help when one becomes available, please contact us.

We are glad that you want Sacred Space to be your homepage. We hope that being part of an online daily prayer community helps you to pray.

Your browser may already have added as your homepage. Should it not have done so, try the following

  • Click Tools (or Edit)
  • Select Options (or Preferences)
  • Write http://www.sacredspace.ie in the URL box

Removing Sacred Space as your homepage

Should you no longer wish for Sacred Space to be your homepage, you can change that setting easily.

  • Go to tools >
  • Go to ‘Options’ or ‘Internet Options’ >
  • on the section that says ‘Homepage’ delete www.sacredspace.ie >
  • click @OK’ or ‘Apply’

Because browsers and individual computers differ, a search online for a solution may be the best option.

  • Yes. If you can visit websites with your device, you can use the address: http://www.sacredspace.ie/mobile
    • or click on the icon on our homepage
    • or use Google’s Send to phone facility to send the address to a cell-phone
  • This is a weekly index page that links to each days prayer.
  • If you want to schedule a synchronisation, you might want to set the link depth to 2 to ensure that you bring the accompanying pages when you synchronise.

As you can imagine, we don’t have access to the wide variety of mobile devices that exist so would be very happy to know when our mobile pages work and how well they performs. We’ll do our best to help you when it doesn’t appear as you would expect.

The size of the text in this website can be made larger or smaller by altering the global font size settings for your browser. Variations in browser settings mean that the solution relevant to your particular setup is not here but there is likely to be a solution among the following:

  • CTRL and roll: Hold the CTRL key down while rolling the mousewheel to increase or decrease font size.
  • CTRL and the ‘+’ key to increase font size
  • CTRL and the ‘-‘ key to decrease font size
  • CTRL and the ‘0’ key resets to your default size
  • From the ‘View’ menu, choose ‘Text Size’ and select an option that suits you better.
  • We suggest that you visit and print the pages linked from here: http://www.sacredspace.ie/print/

    The page has a print function to make it easy for you to print out the prayer. There is, of course, a book available too with annual and seasonal editions for Advent and Lent.

    We suggest that you use either the print or mobile pages

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