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Your comments about the Sacred Heart Novena are welcome.  Just scanning through the comments below may help you to appreciate how you pray with others whenever you pray!  We are always delighted to hear from the extended community of prayer that forms this Sacred Space online.

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  1. From Scotland:

    Thank you for allowing me to make this Novena to the Sacred Heart. May God bless you.

  2. From Ireland:

    I’ve bookmarked each day so i can continue to pray and reflect on them. I liked the last days reflection best where there is encouragement to give thanks/praise. The day 9 reflection had me to feel the realization of the things to be thankful for, it brings me great peace.


    I received my diagnosis of Secondary Breast Cancer in my bones and lungs, now undergoing Chemo.I found the Novena to my long term dearest friend, Sacred heart of Jesus and beautifully and prayerfully this lovely quiet has overcome me and I have gone from Panic to Peace.Thankyou for this wonderful gift I have found on your site.Love and Light.

  4. From USA:

    Thank you! Have love in my heart for your work and all the care given to all of us through your site. I love you! Irish Jesuits, come visit Dallas some day soon!

  5. From the UK:

    Thank you for this very moving Novena. It brought back loving memories of Irish childhood and family life. I always remember being told I am the Sacred Heart’s child and this has stayed with me through the years. I still like to sing the Hymn “Sweet Heart of Jesus”. Thank you for the memories and for the beautiful prayers

  6. From Scotland:

    I have always had great devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus and look forward to the feast day. This year I have been finding it particularly difficult to concentrate on prayer I am sure the Sacred Heart is helping me as each day passes. I think that even if the quality of my prayer is not great He will accept my very poor offering. Sacred Space is wonderful for those who feel lonely – the online friend.

  7. From the USA:

    I do not visit your site often enough, but over the years whenever I do, I am reminded how God is actually always in my life, when I look for him and listen. I came across the sacred heart novena, (6th day) discipline in prayer by setting time aside, allows God to answer those prayers in ways we might not have imagined. God does love us so and wants us to be close to him. Thank you for this site, the novena and your mobile site too! (Pray as you go). Blessing to you keep up this important work it is so needed in these dark times. 🙂

  8. From the USA:

    Peace, Yes the gift of peace. I think Sacred Space is a wonderful website. The prayers, readings, reflections and pictures bring me closer to God. This is my third day of praying the Novena and I feel my prayers are on the way to being answered. I have peace and trust in the Lord. 3 days ago, I was stressed and confused. God hears our prayers and is there for us. Thank you Jesus for loving us so much and for the gift of your Sacred Heart.

  9. V:

    I was trying to say the previous novena earlier while it was still up. Thank God it’s up again! My family are in desperate need of prayers and petitions. We’re in a very unjust and difficult situation. Please pray that God will answer our prayers (as I noticed He is) and that my family will all be back together by the 15/07.
    Also, I’d just like to say that during what is currently going on in my life, I feel low. Sometimes, it hits and you feel extremely low and down. I noticed yesterday a good and helpful step and I also noticed roses where with me (roses appear to say Saint Therese is answering prayers.) I felt uplifted for sometime, knowing God really is helping.
    Please keep us in your prayers and as a priest who was a friend of my family (Lord have Mercy and God rest him) said, “pray like God already granted your petition.” It was along those lines. Thank God all out prayers will be answered.
    God bless and be under the protection of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, as well as Our Lady, Saint Joseph and all the saints. (St Jude, St Rita, Our Lady of Perpetual, St Philomena help our for VERY hard cases) Saints Anthony, Faustina and Therese are also an incredible help

  10. Michael Shiels:

    We live in the saddest of times with our beautiful world corrupted by the evil actions of the many and not the few. The young have no morale builder to look to except musicians and pop magazine hero’s.
    Prayer is what is lacking in the world and only by believing in prayer will we be able to overcome the evil that has entered into every fractured crack in our society including religious society.
    The Sacred Heart reaches out with that injured hand of His. We should take it and believe He can save us from total destruction.
    O,Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in You.
    Fr Michael Shiels.

  11. From the USA:

    I have been praying to The Sacred Heart of Jesus and my prayers were answered. I will continue to pray for my family and for the love of God and Jesus as well as for anyone who needs my help in prayers. God Bless and your prayers will be answered.

  12. From Ireland:

    Thank you for this beautiful website, Sacred Space, were I can come and sit in peace and quiet to pray your Sacred Heart Novena and reflect on the word of God. I have just finished my third day of the novena and already I have my request granted. I praise and honour Our Heavenly Father, his Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, his mother, Mary and all the angels and saints for helping me at this time. Jesus I Trust in you. Amen.

  13. From Australia:

    I came across sacred space at a time when I was really down and troubled with life. It gave me strength through daily prayer and especially through knowing that there are always people praying with me. Then life got busy and I forgot about sacred space for a while. The last few weeks have been very challenging to me and I have never felt as lonely or lost as I do now. I decided to visit sacred space again to say the daily prayer and came across the Sacred Heart Novena. I’m now in my sixth day, can’t say it had cheered me up, it hasn’t, but the prayers really spoke to me each day and I have just enough hope…that maybe things will get better. Thank you for making this prayer available.

  14. From Ireland:

    I’m using my mobile to access the novena, a new experience but a very rich one. The intentions page, personalised with my name, reminds me that God is intimately involved with my concerns. When I look at my mobile, carried around with me all day or at my bedside table at night, I am just a few clicks away from that loving reassurance. It is as if the mobile itself has become an icon of God’s love and care, a wonderful additional dimension to the beauty of the prayer itself. Thank you for making the novena available in this form – what a blessing.

  15. From the USA:

    A friend introduced me to Sacred Space with a gift of the book. I found so much peace that I yearned for more. I visited the Sacred Space site and since then, my day is incomplete with doing the daily prayer and reflection, to listen to what the Lord is saying to me. The peace and stillness felt in the presence of the Lord while on the site, is indescribable. For all the work it takes to put the site together, I say, thank you and be blessed abundantly.

  16. From the USA:

    I stumbled upon this novena and website and am just about done my first time with the novena. I have just this past year begun praying to the Sacred Heart, so this site is perfect. I have already shared this site with friends and will continue to enjoy and share. Thank you for the blessings.

  17. From Ireland:

    I would be lost without the Novena and Sacred Space. They are great sources of prayer. My prayers of late have proved fruitful and I am thankful to God and the prayerful community I am part of.

  18. From England:

    My grief was overwhelming me. I’ve just completed Day 8 of the Novena and cannot believe the sense of peace I now feel compared to a week ago. Sacred Space has provided me with a chance to pray regularly and to remember that I’m never alone. The beautiful Novena Prayer seemed to speak directly to my broken heart. Thank you and God bless the work you do.

  19. From Singapore:

    I reflect daily using Sacred Space. Somehow the Lord has guided me to this Sacred Heart Novena at a time when we are so lost and helpless. Praying the Novena (now into the 7th day) has given me the Lord’s peace and the reaffirment that He will do something….and I believe, in His time. Thank you.

  20. From Canada:

    The Sacred Heart novena has strengthened my faith and given me the peace I need to get through this trying time for my family. May the good Lord bless all of you who have developed Sacred Space and continue to maintain it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  21. FRom the USA:

    This is the first time I have prayed a Novena. Thank you for making this available.

  22. From Canada:

    I lost Sacred Scripture for a while, but I’m grateful I’m back. I am a devotee of the Sacred Heart, and at this trying in my life, I find this novena very helpful. I am on my second day of prayer, and I claim God’s answer to my prayers. I am grateful for all of God’s blessings in the past as well as those blessings I will receive in the future. Thanks to all who put together this website. May you prosper. God bless.

  23. From Canada:

    Thank God for leading me to Sacred Space & novena to Sacred Heart. I am not Catholic, I visit church with friends. The novena has brought me answered prayers, peace & love for my fellowman. I am at peace as I reach my 70th birthday. Thank God for health & peace of mind.

  24. From the USA:

    I started this Novena 20 days ago asking Jesus to help my daughter who is 34 and is a Heroin Addict. We haven’t had any contact with her for just about a year. This evening she called us and informed us she is getting counseling and has quit using Heroin. She is using a Methadone maintenance program for approximately 6 weeks now. Please pray for us that this time she can be free of substance abuse for good. Thank you Jesus.

  25. From The USA:

    Sacred Space was lost to me for a while. When I found it again, I found peace in my soul.

  26. From New Zealand:

    I’m very thankful and feel so blessed that I discovered Sacred Space. Every morning after I visit the chapel, I immediately open my computer to go to Sacred space and spend some moments of prayer and meditation before facing the daily routines of my job. Just today, I started the novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I feel so blessed and thankful that God leads me back again to Him when a colleague of mine mentioned Sacred Space. Back home I am always faithful to the Sacred Heart ; having been educated by the Jesuits and I say that the formation I got helped where I am now. There ups and downs in my life due to a lot of adjustments to a new place but looking back i humbly say that I cannot do it on my own. To discover Him again is truly a blessing.
    Special thanks also for all the people who worked so hard to be able to come up with this website; you are all God’s instruments and blessings!

  27. From the USA:

    Sacred Space continues to amaze me. It is such a blessing. Thank you. My gratitude is overwhelming. God bless all of you.

  28. From USA:

    Truly – what a blessing is this site. How wonderful to have the such a beautifully created web-site to support me with this Novena. Thank you so much. It means everything. Lord, Bless you and Bless us all.

  29. From Australia:

    Thank you for the work that goes into this site, especially the Sacred Heart Novena – I was looking forward to it being published online again this year, and was not disappointed. It truly became a focus for me in the days leading up to the Feast of the Sacred Heart, and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to use the prayer as a focal point in my prayer, and a reminder that God will answer our prayers in His own way – I have faith my prayers will be answered. God Bless!

  30. From Ireland:

    Thank you for putting the Novena on line – it was very much appreciated…….I was able to follow it every day.

  31. pat:


  32. patricia:

    Thank you for this wonderful site of praying the novena. I really feel as if im in the Lord’s presence with the presentation of each section, the music, thought and prayer for each day. It has been a profound 9 days for me and I feel my intentions are being heard and answered in a very special way. Thank all who created this magnificent way of prayer. May it go from strength to strength and help many people in these difficult times to get in touch with the sacred heart and his blessed mother who are always waiting for a call from us.

  33. From Australia:

    I have been praying the Sacred Heart prayer for many years and have received many graces from doing so. Thank you for the gift of this Novena which is such a blessing.

  34. From Ireland:

    Can’t imagine beginning my day without Sacredspace…It centre’s me for the day. The audio of the Sacred Heart Novena is powerful. Keep up the great work.

  35. Cindy:

    I am forty-six years old and I have been a a very solid devotee of the Sacred Heart of Jesus since I was in 6th grade at a Catholic school in Manila. It’s been almost thirty-five years since I started my devotion and propagation of His Divine love. I have memorized all the famous Sacred Heart prayers , even in my sleep and have unceasingly devoted my Fridays hearing mass and praying at the adoration chapel. That is because all these years of my colorful life, I have had only one recourse – trust in Jesus’ Sacred Heart, leading me to the right path where it is best for me. I’ve had many trials in life and in all those harsh times, I never stopped loving Jesus and believing that one day, I will have the answers to my prayer! And for almost ten years now, He gave me more than what I’ve asked for! I have so much joy, peace, love and happiness abd abundant blessings in my life, so many miracles – all because of my faith and love in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It’s tried and tested! Thank you very much for these additional contemplative prayers and may god continue to bless you and your good works! Advanced Happy Feast day on Friday, June 11 – a very special day for me to thank Him and renew my love for Him!

  36. From Canada:

    Just found this site, love it. Thank you.

  37. From Australia:

    This Novena is so beautifully arranged that it brings tears to my eyes. The text and audio resonate deeply within my soul. I say this at the end of a busy day and it brings peace to my soul. My prayer group here in Melbourne is named after the Sacred Heart of Jesus and we are all consecrating ourselves to him again this Friday. I feel many blessings will flow from this Novena as we are all embraced by his Sacred Heart beating with eternal love for us all. Thank you for sharing this with us. The world sorely needs more of this spirituality.

  38. From Ireland:

    I have been praying to the Sacred heart for more than fifty years now and I firmly believe ” ask and you shall receive” but I always add “whatever may be your decision regards to my request I will never cease to adore love praise and serve you”. I can quote several occasions when my prayer was answered…then sometimes the unanswered prayers are for my best

  39. Teresa:

    I’ve been using the novena first thing when I get to my desk at work since last Friday & it’s a peaceful start to the working day. Thanks!

  40. From Ireland:

    Thank you for making this novena available for me, and thank you for the lovely presentation online and on CD. I really must complement the Jesuits, for the work that you do on Sacred Space! The Sacred Heart Messenger has always been much loved in our family. I was reading Ignatian Spirituality from childhood, then God led me to enrich my life further through more active involvement in it as a young adult. My mother stilll tells me about the novenas in SFX Church, when people qeued to go to church. I have never attended the Sacred Heart Novena, and am delighted to have found it here! I love the prayer “O Sacred Heart Of Jesus, I place all my trust in thee.” I have no doubt that my prayers will be answered in the way that’s best for me. Thank you Jesus for this prayer ministry.

  41. Pat:

    ‘Praise my Soul the King of Heaven ‘- singing on my way this hymn on the final day of the Novena to the Sacred Heart remembering that ‘He must increase and I must decrease’.
    This is an antidote when forgetting that He was a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief, that He was despised and rejected too by men – all these gifts offer growth in the Spirit and were received at Mass on the eighth day of the Novena.
    Thank you Lord with all my poor heart.

  42. Pat:

    ‘Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find’! In the modern idiom the ‘wow’ factor is portrayed – gifts are showered, requests answered. How can I repay the Lord’s goodness to me? It seems by sharing this with others and coming out of isolation – no man is an island! These calmer waters are a real treat and consolation is accepted in the greatest gratitude for all the initiatives the Society of Jesus, in the spirit of Ignatius of Loyola, give to us – ‘day by day’!!(Richard of Chichester)

  43. From the USA:

    I use the 2009 Sacredspace book everyday. it is now 2010! something or someone inspired me to use the computer this morning and I found the Sacred Heart novena, just when I needed the special prayers most. As a much younger person I had a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He is sitting beside me saying “All you had to do is ask”. Thank You for the site.

  44. Tats:

    Thank you so much Lord for this miraculous powerful novena, Sacred Heart of Jesus, I Trust in You. On the fourth day, my favor was granted…I believed in You so much with all my love and strong faith, I believe that You always listen to my prayers and this is not the first time. I thank You so much on my first novena, my favor was granted too…my daughter passed the first part of the medical exams and now she’s on her way to review for the second part. I know Dear Lord that you are always guiding her. And on my second novena, on the fourth day, my son was rehired with the same stable company he worked and he was even granted as a regular employee and offered a higher salary. I will still continue to finish this nine days novena with all my heartfelt love in thanking you. I love you so much Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  45. A.K.:

    This Novena is beautiful, and is doublefold. It lays before the Sacred Heart our intentions, and the audio is so beautiful that it inspires the one praying to higher levels of spirituality. I’ve discovered it as an excellent way to start my day. Thanks to all those who took the time and shared their talents to publish this webpage (both the text and the audio are truly inspirational).

  46. Helena:

    My grateful thanks to the Sacret Heart of Jesus and his blessed mother, Mary, for having guided me through a very rough road when I could see no light. On completing my novena to the Sacred Heart, to my utter delight two days later, my prayers were answered and the weight that has been lifted from me is unbelieveable. I never doubted that my prayers would be answered, but did not expect it so soon. I promised to spread devotion to the Sacred Heart, and it will be my pleasure to do that! God bless all.

  47. pat:

    ‘Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and in the Lord’s own house I will dwell for ever.’ (from the 23rd Psalm.) Reflection in response to the last day of the Novena (How can I repay the Lord’s goodness to me – ‘I will take the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord’ -and from today’s Gospel Luke 16:1-8 Thank you too for your inspiration in making Sacred Space available to us all

  48. From the USA:

    Thank you for such an inspiring novena. I feel so peaceful when I am listening to all that is included.

  49. Cate:

    Wow!! Day 8 – and a potential solution to our problem was presented in the most unexpected way! I will continue with a new Novena to pray that it all works out for us. Thank you Sacred Space. I have looked for a Novena that I could related to, for years – I looked forward to my prayer, each day…which was a new experience for me!! I am so grateful I found this site – thank you again!!

  50. Emily:

    Thank you Sacred Heart for answering my Novena. Thank you for your love and support for the child you have given into our care. Your help was beyond what we could have wished for. When I put my trust in you I am always amazed at how you work things out. Thank you for always being there for me.

  51. Jenni:

    Thank you so much for this Website, which has given me such comfort and support while moving to a different part of the country and while I find a new spiritual home. The Novena is just what I have needed. May God bless all who helped in its creation.

  52. Terrie:

    Thank you so much for these lovely prayers. I especially love being able to listen to them spoken, along with the music. I am on day two and I already feel that my prayers are being answered, I am being guided by the beloved Lord to do the right thing. Bless you all!

  53. Marilynn:

    I happened upon this meditation when I was searching to reconnect with my spiritual roots. Thank you for a wonderful site. It was just what I needed. I loved being able to choose the audio option and just sit back and be.

  54. Tats:

    This Novena is so powerful, thank you Lord for answering my prayers…Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put all my trust in You…

  55. Trish:

    Doing this novena has helped me to begin to trust in the Lord for everything, to know that He has a plan – my place is to wait on him, trust in him. Whilst the answers to my prayers haven’t rushed out during these nine days, I actually feel a peace inside and the knowledge that they will be answered, in God’s time, in God’s way – not mine! I’ve learned to stop fretting and that role is to spread God’s love in whatever way I can. The novena has been a wondeful experience for me. Can I also recommend a book ‘I am with you’ by Fr. John Woolley which seems to supplement everything in the Novena. Praise the Lord for He is good and constant.

  56. marie:

    Just when i needed solace The Lord supplied. Behold I Stand At The Door And Knock. Thank You Lord of Broken Hearts.

  57. Bernadette:

    Thank you loving Sacred Heart of Jesus! My prayer was answered the first time I prayed this for my parents before the feast day. . . and again, by the 4th day of the Novena, for my friend’s father. Prayer, faith, hope, love, gratitude are so powerful and greatly needed in our world. I thank you my sweet Savoir and the wonderful Jesuits of Sacred Space. This site is part of my daily life and I send you my prayers for your own intentions and thank you for this site. Blessings!

  58. Clare:

    Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, for having helped me into a job. You are so POWERFUL. This has also strenghten me to Place ALL my Trust in JESUS. Thank you Lord for my friend (Anne’s) good medical result.

  59. wjmoc:

    Thank you, Lord for hope in my remaining years.

  60. Joanne:

    I was going through a difficult time in my life. With the utmost confidence I prayed this novena for peace and resignation, and I did indeed receive signal graces from His Sacred Heart – mainly greater love and trust in Him. Deo Gratias!

  61. August:

    The giver of hope, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is always listening, loving, giving mercy, and healing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Please take my faith as a testament of my love for you, dear Sacred Heart of Jesus. How uplifting it is to be praying the novena.

  62. Nancy:

    After my son had been out of work for quite some time, a lovely Benedictine nun from Oklahoma recommended this site. No kidding: the ninth day of the novena and my son was offered and accepted a job in his field. Thanks to the Sacred Heart and thanks to the “good old Jesuits” (as we like to call them) of Ireland for providing this site. I find the daily prayer very helpful and realistic. It has depth: it is not simplistic. Thanks again for your very good work.

  63. Guni:

    Dear Sacred heart of Jesus,
    Thank You for favours received, and hoping to receive.

  64. Anna:

    Actually I cannot believe my eyes! God’s love is marvellous. I have prayed with it nine days before my only grandson’s birthday. I needed to meet Jesus just in the way of the words are said and written.
    Thanks!! to all of you who have worked on each step of it. I have been profoundly delighted with each word or expression; they made me feel next to God’s love, live it and enjoy it. God bless us.

  65. Daphne:

    I can say that this novena is something that truly makes you one with God. God is always looking upon us wherever we will be especially when we pray. I can say that right now I am passing through some difficult times in my life, but I can say that with Jesus next to me I have never lost hope. It is important to remember that we are not alone but there is someone so great up there that looks upon us every second of the days. When I look up at the stars and the sunshine I feel God looking at me and smiling at me telling me to never lose hope and furthermore to never give up. God remember that around us there is a special angel to both Your and my heart that sparkles and stands out through all crowds. I LOVE YOU GOD always and I love this special angel to my heart. xxxxxxxx Thank you 🙂

  66. From the Philippines:

    Sacred Space is so enriching. I love this website very much. I can’t afford starting my day and ending it without Sacred Space. Thank you very much. (daghan jud kaayong salamat). May your inspiring works on this web will go on and on. I am starting my first novena day (July 4) and hoping to continue until 12th July. my prayers for you sacred space personnel.

  67. Marion:

    Thank you for the gift of this Novena which has helped to deepen and strengthen my prayers. I pray for everybody who is praying the Novena and also for the Irish Jesuits who bring God closer to us each day.

  68. Assumpta:

    I have just finished the Novena from the CD and again this year found the reflections, hymns and prayers so moving. Thank you to all concerned. I will keep the CD by my bed and listen from time to time. I was able to send some to family members and a priest friend all of whom love the Sacred Heart. This year I was conscious of the needs of the Church in Ireland its priests and religious and remembered them daily. I have always prayed for priests and am delighted that Pope Benedict introduced THE YEAR OF THE PRIESTHOOD and that it should begin on this wonderful Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May God bless everyone responsible for Sacred Space and help this worthwhile ministry to contine to give hope to hungry souls. Love Blessings and Prayer always Assumpta

  69. Celin:

    Your Novena is so beautiful, it is very enriching for the soul.

  70. patricia:

    Thank you for this lovely novena with the music and voices, I have been saying the novena from the messenger and was so delighted when I found it on your site, it made me feel as if I was praying with other people. Thank you again Sacred Space team are in my prayers from now on. God bless.

  71. From Ireland:

    God bless your wonderful work , it is truly inspiring. We send our prayers to you and also ask for prayers in return for our very difficult situation in which we find ourselves. Thank you so much

  72. Jimmy:

    Thank you for this year’s beautiful Novena full of tenderness, love and compassion – encouraging and enabling the development of simple open personal honest friendship with the Sacred Heart. Míle buíochas

  73. Suzan:

    Thank you for the Novena of the Sacred Heart – the opportunity to enter into this daily practice could not have come at a better time.

  74. Jenny:

    The Sacred Heart novena posted here is so simple and yet so beautiful. All the more that I feel God’s presence each day during and after finishing the novena. Thank you Sacred Heart for the graces and blessings, thank you for giving me hope!

  75. Patricia:

    Thank you Lord for this opportunity to pray the novena each day – it brings me joy – thank you for those who create the imagery, for the voices of those who speak when I listen to the download and for the Graces they have received to impart this message for us to connect in prayer via this media.

  76. March:

    I have enjoyed Sacred Space for more than 5 years and have told all my family and friends about it. What a wonderful way to spend time with the Lord. I also love the Sacred Heart Novena and the music. Bless You All for this wonderful gift. I know through this site that the great gift of God is to believe that God is present, that we are never alone…

  77. Rita:

    This website was introduced by a dear Salesian Irish Priest, God bless him for always reminding me how God loves me faithfully and immensely.
    I finally finished the nine day novena today but I was not able to do it in nine consecutive days, I started last December. I skipped months, weeks and days because I could not concentrate due to the crisis I am experiencing right now.
    When I felt I am ready to finish the last day novena today, I was astounded that the last theme is “thank you Jesus”, it specifically describes what I felt at that moment. The novena reached by heart and as if it heals something that I felt peace.
    Indeed I thank God for always loving me unconditionally in spite of my unfaithfulness. Thank you Sacred Space and God bless you all.

  78. March:

    Finding time for God can be a challenge in these times – but once it is found it adds to your solace and your well-being.

    Thanks again to Sacred Space – the chapels and other areas adds to the package of an invitation to spend time with God.

  79. March:

    I have the fondest memories of praying novenas with my mother, grandmother and aunts in Liverpool.UK…It is so special to be given the opportunity to experience this precious prayer form online…thank you so much to you all at sacred space…I tell everyone about this site…one of the blessings of technology todayxx

  80. February:

    I can come to this virtual chapel whilst at work and get my inspiration. Thanks much to the Sacred Space Team.

  81. Patricia:

    The final day brings gratitude to the missionary zeal of the Society of Jesus. This gentle lead prepares us for the unexpected response of the Lord to our petition. To explain – ‘Let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me’ (cf. Mark 8:34) Sacred Space daily readings (20/02) in conjunction with Day 9 of the Novena to the Sacred Heart and St. Francis Xavier, together with the Jesuit comment – reads ‘At one time I thought I had to go out seeking opportunities for self-denial. Now I know that the bigger challenges to my ego come unbidden and unwanted. My cross often comes to me on two legs. I find my peace in your will, Lord, not in the comforts I plan for myself.’
    This truism was a tremendous answer to my prayers to do Your Will and rid myself of my arrogance and pride – the pain I suffer in relationship with my broken family is, therefore, manifest in taking up my cross willingly and in accord with Your Will and brings me an undeserved Peace in time of trouble. With great gratitude.

  82. Patricia:

    In a time of uncertainty, calling on the Lord, thro’ His Most Sacred Heart, aware of His Divine Presence which leads me away from self to the needs of others (cf. Day 4) in order that I can love them in my own and their poverty.
    Gratitude to the Society of Jesus for all their iniatives which give us tremendous Hope.
    Be merciful to us Lord for we are sinners basking in the sunshine of Your Love. Give us the Grace to love You in return.

  83. Donna:

    I love Sacred Space. May all who pray here be blessed. I am praying for freedom from fear. That God will continue to show me His will for my life. That I may be a channel of His peace. In Jesus name. Amen.

  84. :

    Love Sacred Space and spending early mornings communing with the Lord. I pray for all my brothers/sisters throughout the world who are also sharing that prayer time. I have a greater sense of the Communion of Saints. I was introduced to Sacred Space by Sister Jill at a Catholic Hospital where I use to work before becoming a full time caregiver for my husband. That was about five years ago. I love the website and also the opportunity to commit to saying the Novena…it is like having a mini retreat and the music and narratives are so enriching. I am so blessed emotionally, physically and spiritually and feel the Presence of God during this time. My day takes on a new shape for having spent the time in prayer…Thank you for being there and for your ministry. I pray for your blessings to continue to reach out to the world (as you do) to encourage prayer and daily devotions. “Oh Lord, I am not worthy that You should come to me…but speak the words of comfort…” Thank you Sacred Space for that comfort.

  85. Angela:

    I cannot explain with words the deep feelings that my mind, my soul, and my body when through when reading the first day of the Novena. I only can thank my Dear Lord for giving to us people like you all in Sacred Space. Special, bountiful, loving souls that help us with our daily live, with our daily difficulties and teach us how to rejoice in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Sacred Space teaches us how to stay faithful, how to be quiet and be attend and listen the Word. Sacred Space thanks for all that love.

  86. Cornelia:

    Thank you Jesus for Sacred Space.
    Thank you Jesus for the love you give us through your Sacred Heart.
    Thank you.
    When I read the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus my heart is filled with gratitude and gentleness fills my whole being.
    And I remember that life is a gift.
    And I remember that God loves me beyond my own understanding.
    And I remember to pray for others.
    And I remember that I am not alone.
    Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers.

  87. Sue:

    I found that praying the Novena helped me to come closer to God and to really look at my life. Praise the Lord – He has answered my prayer!

  88. kiio:

    I found a lot of peace in the nine days of the Novena and felt very close to God like never before. I want to give a testimony a miracle happened to my life on the ninth day. God healed me and my family. Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank you . God bless.

  89. Jenny:

    I have found a blessing every day of this novena, regardless of the final outcome. It has been a time of real sharing with Jesus. Thank you

  90. Dorothy:

    Thank you again for this novena. It is so soothing to listen to even with a troubled heart. I look forward to getting the same inner peace I received the last time I said this novena. God Bless you for this.

  91. Diana Maria:

    Aloha & much mahalo for the beautiful novena. I have been praying it during the holy days of Christmas, and it has helped me focus on finding a way to thank God for His many blessings & intercessions, as well as ask for strength and courage to serve His will. 2008 was a difficult year for our family: the Iowa flood; sick, elderly mothers; sick daughter and sister; and the constant challenge of teaching teenagers. I thank you sincerely, and I really love the music and beautfiul readings in your accents. My Irish ancestors who have been called home before me must be turning inside out with joy. God bless you all, and here’s to peace, health, faith, hope, and prosperity in 2009!

  92. L. Stewart:

    Thank you for making this Novena available and for enriching my prayer life these past nine days.
    In gratitude and Peace,
    Stew Jr.

  93. Karen:

    The Sacred Heart of Jesus has blessed me so much and has answered my prayers, not always as I had asked but always according to His will. My Lord has given me more peace and faith through this Novena I am truly blessed with a new live in Christ.
    Thank you Jesus!

  94. Roly:

    I have learned to cultivate, nourish and strengthen my own faith through the Sacred Heart Novena. I felt God’s mercy, compassion and consolation in my heart inspite of the realization that I am not worthy of His helping hand and that what I ask of Him is so petty compared to the needs of others in truly dire situations. I can only thank my Lord God for all He has given me and for all the blessings still to come and I only seek as my ultimate goal in this life, the accomplishment of His Will.

  95. Polly:

    I thank you for the wonderful Novena prayers. Every time i hear this novena, it gives me a dose of medicine in me. May everyone who hears this novena feels same way. i know the Lord works in may ways….

  96. Frances:

    Thank you. I look forward to reading this everyday

  97. Margaret:

    I think the novena was very well put together the audio music and prayer I stuck with it much to my surprise I was’nt really sure I believed in Novenas but its stayed with me, giving great spiritual support at a testing time. I can only say a big ‘thank you.’

  98. Rosa:

    Today is the seventh day of my Novena. I can already feel a difference on my life. I think God is granting me some of my request. I do believe that if we ask God he will grant us what we want if this is good for us. I also believe that praying for others gives us a lot of blessings. I know my prayer is very long and I am asking God a lot of things, but I also know everything is in the power of God.

  99. Chris:

    Christine, thank you for your blessing and enjoy novena.

  100. Christine:

    Thank you for the Sacred Heart of Jesus novena. I had wanted to do a novena but wasn’t sure I would stick with it because in the past, I have not, due to boredom or forgetfulness. After having found this novena, I know I will stick with it because it is beautiful and meaningful to me. It is a pleasure and I’m so grateful. Today is day one and I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow. I pray for everyone who reads this that their intentions are granted. Remember, in your desires, you’re already praying. It WILL bring you closer to God…and, already has. God Bless you and your family.

  101. Carole:

    We are soon moving to FL and the adjustments will be difficult as we are leaving grandchildren behind. I use the sacred space every day for meditation and for the Novena to the sacred heart. It is good for me because with a bit of ADD l have a lot of difficulty meditating. God Bless every one who makes this site possible. Thank you all.

  102. Chris:

    At this troubled time in my life I googled ‘sacred heart of Christ’ on my pc at work yesterday and I was so pleased to find this website. It is a source of great comfort to me and reading other peoples comments is also a source of support. I am now doing novena and it is a source of great comfort. Thank you dear Jesus and all who put this together.

  103. John:

    I was moved to tears when I heard the song of day one of the novena. I so long for my intention to be reality for me and trust that it is also the will of God for me as well.

  104. Yvonne:

    Having completed my 9-day novena I want to thank Sacred Space for this online prayer and meditation. I felt the hand of God right through my daughter’s marriage yesterday and, like the leper who went back to thank the Lord, I feel I want to thank the Sacred Heart today for being so generous with me and grant me my request. I am now telling all my friends about this wonderful and prayerful website and novena. May all those who likewise seek the help of the Sacred Heart through the novena be blessed like I was and have their request granted. ‘O Sacred Heart what shall I render Thee, for all the gifts Thou hast bestowed on me?’

  105. Sue:

    i love the prayer thank you so much it has helped me in the tough time in my life!

  106. lucie:

    it has been a while since I came to your website I have been led back and to do your sacred heart novena it is beautiful the music all so modern and appropriate for today.! thank you love and prayers for all who visit here as i do the novena.

  107. Renee:

    I have only recently found your site. It has held my hand on my path back to my faith. This Novena has kept me close to Christ in a way that makes me so grateful. It is a soul-saving gift. Thank You So So So much. God Bless, Renee

  108. Theresa:

    I am grateful for somehow being led to this novena to the Sacred Heart. Especially this week with the feast day of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. I began praying the novena for help with several upcoming difficult meetings. As the days have progressed my prayer has changed to praying for the people I will be meeting with and asking to be open, loving and generous with them as we meet. The novena is guiding my prayer and intentions now. Thank you.

  109. Peggy:

    How absolutely beautiful an online Novena. The songs and reflections so special. Sacred Space has provided me with much comfort in the past but the Novena is awesome. God Bless you and yours.

  110. Mary:

    I just completed my 9 day novena and want to thank Sacred Space for this lovely set of prayers and music and reflection. I have said novenas before but not with music or online…your site is a wonderful place and I have been visiting daily for a number of years now. My intention was that I ask the Lord to send me his Holy Spirit and guidance during an upcoming interview and that if it was his will that I might secure this new job …on the 3rd day of the novena the interview was cancelled and it is still uncertain that it will even take place …however , I keep the faith and feel God has given me time to be totally prepared for it when and if it comes and if not then I am prepared for the next opportunity that arises…he gave me his hope and his peace and as I woke this morning my first thought is, ‘Thank you Jesus…everything in life is a blessing.’ I strive to remember this and thank Sacred Space for sharing your gifts with us all. May all the intentions of those who prayer this novena be answered!

  111. Dana:

    This is the third day of my novena at Sacred Space. I don’t remember ever making one, but now look forward to doing so in Sacred Space. The daily music, reflection in scripture and opportunity to write down my desires are already occasions I look forward to each day. I already find great examination of my desires and places where I need to amend my ideas and thoughts as my day continues. I feel a hope to let the potter, my Lord, mold this clay and replace vacantness in my life with God’s goodness. I’m certain that the Holy Spirit brought me back to Sacred Space at this time in life, and I thank the Lord for the work of this ministry.

  112. lana:

    I pray this novena a lot even through the year and especially in June on the feast of the Sacred Heart.

  113. Vivian:

    I have been praying with Sacred Space for a year or so now. Thank you so much for this gift. I have never really paid attention to any other part of the website, though, until last Monday. I decided to wander around and I found the Sacred Heart Novena. Today, my heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have felt from time to time a stirring in my heart whenever I have read prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am not someone who prays novenas, but since starting your Novena to the Sacred Heart for some of my friends, I have been filled with peace and a renewed sense of how much God loves me in spite of my flaws. I am nourished by these prayers and I love reading how others are nourished as well. The audio portion is a special joy. I love Sacred Space and I thank you for creating it.

  114. Joe:

    Dear Fathers, it has been a while since I have been here at Scared Space. The website has been updated and this Novena to the Scared Heart has been added. I love the updated website and the Novena has been a God sent to me in this difficult time in my life.
    Thank you so much for this and please keep it on the site, I would like to come back and do it again. Again, thank you so much for adding this lovely Novena.
    God bless all of you.

  115. Marnita:

    Thank You for the Sacred Space website. I may be unaware of the exact time or the answers to my prayers but I do know that reading the scripture and listening to the music brings me calmness and encouragement throughout the day. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus I thank you for the blessings and multitude of special graces you have bestowed upon me and my family.

  116. Theresa:

    What a wonderful presentation the Sacred Heart novena is! And how comforting to not pray alone. God’s blessings are being sent to you all from Miami, Florida. Theresa

  117. Susan:

    My heart is this morning opened to Jesus’ grace in a special way through these prayers, especially the audio version, better than reading as it keeps my brain more out of the relationship. Thankyou and Jesus bless you.

  118. Sharon:

    God Bless your wonderful work and thank you for your site. I am beginning a novena for my nephew today and indeed his mother and me included. I know God will guide our directions. I love the Sacred Space which I now use daily. I am a professed Camaldolese Benedictine Oblate and even with my Daily Office, I find this prayer site absolutely to be inspired by The Holy Spirit and for the good of all.

  119. beth:

    Thank you for this novena and for Sacred Space. For a long time I felt separated from God and from Jesus – confused by all the ways people use God to justify our weaknesses. When a family member became ill, and I wanted to return to prayer, I remembered Sacred Space, and found this novena. I am praying it each day and am beginning to remember how in Jesus we are all one and to remember the love that is the meaning of His life and teaching. This is giving me great calm, peace, and restoring trust. It is only then that miracles can happen. I am grateful for the comments so I know in spite of our differences, in Jesus’ love we are one. I think of you all as I pray this novena each day and I thank the Irish Jesuits for it, and God, Jesus, Mary, and Michael for their faith in us. I wish peace and healing to all and to our world. Amen!

  120. Grace Lee:

    It is a pleasure to have come across the Sacred Space novena. Its good because at times you find youself not picking up the bible to read, its not that you lazy but just find yourself and a rush at times. But with the website (Novena) you click on the computer there it is. Thank you so much for this special tool.

  121. claudia:

    Praying the novena to Jesus, has helped my life to become much better than ever before. I have prayed this novena 3 times, and i feel each time i pray it, Jesus gets closer to me. I will continue to pray this novena, now I just cant see my life without praying to Jesus every single day. It really helps me get through the day. Thank you Jesus, and thank you Sacred Space

  122. Celia:

    What a beautiful format…prayer and music. I look forward to completing this special novena as I additionally pray for peace and vocations.

  123. Lana:

    I look forward to this novena for peace it so great to feel this grace. I need something like this novena to start my day. It gives me hope and peace that the heart of Jesus is hearing me cry out to him my fears.

  124. Mollie:

    This site is so comforting and soothing. I have just started the Novena and look forward to doing it each day. When I experience any difficulty during the day I just say ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you’. It’s lovely to read all the comments and to know so many people are also sharing this Novena. Thank you.

  125. Madison:

    I began this novena with deep sadness and hopelessness. But I reluctantly prayed for what I believed to be impossible. I soon began to feel peace. Then when I least expected it, my prayers were answered with an outcome greater than I expected. Thanks be to God!

  126. Bettina:

    Thank you for this site. I had been looking for so long and trying each day to have quiet time with the Lord. This site is exactly as it’s name. Sacred Space. I am praying a novena for the first timei n my life. Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in you.

  127. Irene:

    Thank you for this novena! I know that my novena will be heard and that Jesus is beside me always.
    Can’t wait for the next day! I am getting closer than
    I’ve ever been, and I thank you Lord!

  128. Lisa:

    Thank you for the chance to pray. I look forward to the sacred space every morning. Thank you Jesus!

  129. Connie:

    Breathtakingly beautiful! I was so down this morning due to a very difficult work situation I’m in because of some very difficult family financial issues. I knew in my head Our Lord was with me and my family. After listening and praying with the entire novena (all 9 days!), I feel in my heart and soul Our Lord is, not only with me, but also smiling at me.
    Thank you for helping me be with and smile back at Him!

  130. Margaret:

    I asked God for direction and meaning in my work during this Novena. I have been totally renewed and motivated and enlivened to continue doing God’s work in my place of ministry. Praise and thanks to our Father!

  131. Annie:

    Thank You. You gave me this Space knowing that I am not alone in praying.

  132. heather:

    Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus. You never fail to answer my prayers.

  133. Eugene:

    I went to a wedding/family reunion and prayed the novena for healing, peace and reconciliation in our family, who came from all over the world for the wedding. There was a Catholic Church opposite the town hall where the wedding took place. The Church was the Sacred Heart Church and I went to Mass there and renewed the prayers of the Novena in great joy. I thank the Sacred Heart of Jesus for this wonderful gift he gave to us.

  134. Denise:

    This Novena has been such a blessing to me at this time in my life. It has helped me to accept things that I cannot change and to be at peace knowing that I have given them over to the Lord in prayer. I am confident that in His time my prayer will be answered. Thank you to all who have had an imput on this website, it is truly wonderful.

  135. Sherry:

    Thank you for a way to enrich my life by daily prayer to the novena. Thank you dear Sacred Heart of JEsus for all his blessings he continues to bless me and my family with. I am greatful with abiding and everlasting love.
    In faith –

  136. a m:

    I have recently discovered this novena and praying it each day has allowed me to develop a sacred space in our home. I feel so nourished by it. It has given me an oppurtunity to think about and pray for healing and forgiveness of self and others. In my childhood there was a great trust in the Sacred Heart. Please pray for my husband and young family.May the holy spirit continue to bless and inspire you. Thank you so much.

  137. Debbie:

    Thank you for the beautiful site for the Novena for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As a Lutheran from the US, I am reminded of how we are united in Christ regardless of race, color or religious denomination. I have been a regular visitor to Sacred Space… a blessing to my prayer life. Now, I have found your Novena. What a grace- filled prayer tradition. Thank you, dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus for sharing God’s love through this ministry.

  138. Sarah:

    Thank you for this beautiful novena. I have always loved the Sacred Heart but the novena has helped to deepen my understanding of his personal love for me.

  139. LaVerne:

    I find Sacred Space a good way to start my day. The Novena has been especially uplifting for me. Thank you for giving it to us.

  140. Elizabeth:

    I was feeling very low and found this novena on sacred space. Since saying it I have felt an inner peace and would like to say thank you and God bless you for sharing this novena with me

  141. Kathleen:

    I finished the Novena, today, July 8. I am astounded by the vocal and musical portion of the Novena. How thoughtful of you. How inspired by His Holy Spirit! My faith in the love of God has greatly increased. I wear those I intercede for as the High Priest wore the breastplate when he entered the Holy of Holies. Every connection I have, every land area, lake and river area I pray for, every cousin, aunt and family member, every neighbor, every schoolmate, every store clerk and doctor, all brought into His presence with the help of this Novena.

    I have interceded for a long time (been an intercessor) and it has been ages since I have “known” that His love is compelling me onward towards Him and He has allowed me to take those I carry in prayer to His throne with me. Thank you, again for this site! I am refreshed, renewed and ready for more prayer and mostly, time with His Sacred Loving Heart. Kathleen

  142. Maricel:

    I have to agree that this novena is a truly blessing for all. I am only on my first day but I felt HIS presence as I utter the Sacred Heart of Jesus novena prayer. It gives me hope now that I am weighed down, it lightens all my burdens, and I know HE is with me and He will let me surpass all the trials that I am going through right now. Thank you so much- Maricel, Mountain View, CA

  143. Vanessa:

    Thank you so much for this Novena. For quite some time I thought that God was not listening to my prayers and that every prayer I was saying was without any meaning. This Novena and your website changed all that. I had never thought I would feel so much peace, so much closer to God by praying at my computer. Thanks again.

  144. asha:

    I was thinking that my prayer is not a proper one, and there was a gap between Jesus and me, I had no job for about 2 months, and was hopeless, it is the second day of my prayer and I find lot of peace, presence of god

  145. Julie:

    What a beautiful novena! I noticed it on the Sacred Space website and ignored it for a while because of previous experience with novenas that were ridiculously long and drawn out. I’m thankful for the sense to finally click on it. Bless you!

  146. MB:

    I found this novena at a time I felt so down & hopeless – that was 9 days ago. We have been trying to sell our house for 9 months now, we hardly got any offers for 9 months. Then, we decided to lease it & we were thinking that it would also take us time to even get a renter. I reached such a low point 9 days ago…& today we just signed to lease it! It was such a quick turn of events. Thank you Sacred Heart. Thank you God.

  147. Marissa:

    I’ve been feeling my desires “ignored” by God. In my despair, I clicked the sacred heart link and felt consoled when I prayed. The prayer I read felt like it was really mine. I deeply resonate with them. Today is my first day. May God grant my petition if He so wills it. Thank you very much.

  148. Assumpta:

    The Audio Novena to the Sacred Heart was amazing. I sent away copies to family members and to a priest in a very busy inner city parish. All appreciated the reflections and the music.. Thank you for doing this. Next year I hope to gather some people in the parish and make the Novena with them. God Bless you all. I love the Sacred Heart!

  149. Maria:

    I am so happy to have found this novena. It is inspiring and helpful. I feel I have been answered in my prayers in a way I have not thought before. May God bless you all . I will continue visiting this Sacred Heart place.

  150. nella:

    Beautiful and many thanks. God bless. nella

  151. Sr.Vivienne:

    This website is awesome and the wording of the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is so inspiring. May the day be filled with His light so that you may see your path and destiny in life.

  152. Claudia:

    i am so glad to have come across this website when i did. i feel so blessed. this novena is beautiful and has really helped me.

  153. Patricia:

    I never thought I would feel this prayerful online. Thank you for this lovely novena and I am sure I will visit it again and again.

  154. Arabella:

    I’ve only just discovered the Novena to the Sacred Heart. It is really great – thanks so much for the work that goes into Sacred Space. The mixture of intimacy praying alone in a quiet moment and the knowledge that at that same time, so many of us are praying together is something I cannot explain.

  155. Linda:

    Thank you for this novena “Maybe I’m not such bad company for Jesus after all” – that phrase gave me such hope. To know that Jesus loves me even if I’m not perfect, gives me peace. “You forgive us most when we forgive ourselves least”. Thank You Lord. I need to know that he loves me. Thank you to help me realize that.

  156. Brigit:

    Thank you for this beautiful novena. It brought back wonderful, peaceful, comforting memories of prayer and Mass throughout the year as a child in Catholic school. God bless you.

  157. Emily:

    Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for granting my prayer request and giving me much more than I had prayed for. You have blessed me all my life.
    Thank you Sacred Space for the opportunity to pray at my computer, it is beautiful. God Bless.

  158. Maria:

    It was a great gift to pray this novena. The scripture selections, the reflections, the music, everything touched me very deeply. I want thank God for this opportunity to pray with all who have been praying those nine days. May God bless you all. Maria (from Recife-Brazil)

  159. Jenny:

    Today I felt the worse feeling of it all…
    My heart wants to explode from pain by seeing my children crying in need for their father’s financial support. They felt my sadness. They feel every beat of my heart. I know that because when they touch me I feel the message that was sent to me. I am a mother of 3 at age 32. I am young but the instinct of a mother is just one. I wouldn’t want my children to see the heartaches that I have inside. We protect them as much as we can so I did try to hold on. I was searching for an inspirational website because I felt that I need it one way or the other. I went to meditation site. I listened with it with my youngest son trying to meditate and hoping that somehow I will feel a little bit better but that didn’t work for me. I even search for a meditation group who could help me. I wrote on my journal and while writing I am still not satisfied. I FELT THE NEED to search for an inspirational prayer. Then there was SACRED SPACE right in front of my eyes….I was so blessed because God showed me the way to find peace and comforting. I sincerely thank you for being the instrument of God and for being a blessing for those who needs you. I will never forget MAY 30 2008.

  160. Shirley:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pray the Novena in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was absolutely awesome. May God Bless you, kind regards, Shirley

  161. Mel:

    As a child of the Sacred Heart, educated by the RSCJ’s and the Jesuits, I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful opportunity to pray here. What a wonderful gift to anyone with a computer! God Bless.

  162. Penny:

    Thankyou for the Novena in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Your Messenger has been so very much part of my life since childhood. Thankyou and may God bless you all in continuing spreading the knowledge and love of God. Penny

  163. Chris:

    Thank you for this gentle, beautiful Novena. It has been just what I have needed. What a wonderful way to start the day! Sacred Space means so much to me. I cannot thank you all enough. God bless you all.

  164. Maurice:

    Lovely, gentle and focussed.

  165. Fernando:

    Thank you so much for everything you do to help us grow in the Lord. I follow your meditation every day and I have found of great help to pray the Sacred Heart Novena following the recording. I am writing from Bogota, Colombia. God bless you.

  166. Maureen:

    I am writing from New Zealand and would like to say how much I appreciated the beautiful song, reflection and prayer on the Novena to the Sacred Heart. Sacred Space is a real blessing and I praise God for His goodness and all those who make it possible.

  167. Pat:

    I was blown away by this online novena: talking to me right here, right now, just as I needed it! The audio was amazing with song and reflection. My utmost thanks for all you do!

  168. Lorna:

    Thank you so very much for this beautiful novena. I stumbled upon it by accident after it was already in progress, but I went back and did a few days together. The music, reflections and prayers are so simple, soothing and touching. Making this novena is like injecting a dose of calm and quiet into my busy life. It would be wonderful if more people knew of it. God bless you for the time and talent you have put into it.

  169. Vi:

    Thank you for for this webpage. This is a refreshing way to enhance my prayer life. God bless you.

  170. Lil:

    Thank you for the novena prayers that I start the day with. May I suggest that the novena prayers be kept posted in the website even after the feast of the Sacred Heart on May 30. I suggest the continued posting so that we can continue with the novena prayers and appreciate and understand the reflections more and more each day. The novena reflections have been additional reading / praying material for my daily prayer with sacred space and living space.

  171. Margaret:

    Thank you for the wonderful Novena prayers. So many times over the years I have been anxious and afraid but I have felt the loving guidance of the Sacred Heart. Thank you for all the wisdom contained in the “Messenger” magazines. God biess you all.

  172. Bill:

    This is beautiful!!!! Each morning, I use Sacred Space to help me start my day. What a wonderful gift it is to have as an added blessing, this Novena to use, to pray for my very own petitions. Thank You

  173. Rena:

    What a beautiful prayer! Thank you so very much! Rena, San Diego, CA, USA (God bless you all!)

  174. Rose:

    The Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus posting is truly a blessing for all who own computers but especially to those of us who work outside of the home fulltime. It enables us to be consistent with and faithful to our prayer intentions. My ‘laundry list’ of intentions includes petitions I’ve prayed about for many months and years. How fortuitous is it that the very first prayer request I named in this Novena was answered by the end of the first day of prayer on the 22nd…?! Thank you and may God continue to bless the good work that you do.

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