Sacred Space - Sacred Heart

A Novena is typically time to make an intention for your prayer. Naming your desire to God helps you to clarify and focus. Making a note can also be helpful. The traditional printed prayers often included a space with “Make your intentions here” or a similar suggestion. If you find such a place on the Novena prayers in Sacred Space, you can have write you own intentions there instead of that phrase. To do so, go to the link on the right hand side that says “To make or change your list, please click here.” You will then be able to make a note of your prayer intentions.

You can save your a name for your list and enter up to three intentions. This information is stored on the computer you are using now. It is not communicated to Sacred Space and is visible only to those who log on to the computer as you do. To name, delete or change your list, use the link on the right side of the page.