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What on Earth are we doing with creation?

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

“What on Earth are we doing with Creation?”, “Is God Green?”, “Does religion call on us to look after the planet?” These are among the questions considered in this interviews. Christianity has often been accused of not taking the current ecological crisis on board, but An Tairseach – an ecology centre set up by the Dominicans in 1998 – works to address questions such as these. The centre in Wicklow seeks alternative and more sustainable ways of working with the land. On a spiritual dimension it seeks a renewed relationship with the whole community of life and with nature and on a practical dimension operates as a working organic farm. Miriam Gormally met with three sisters who work in the centre, Marian O’Sullivan and Julie Newman, Dominican sisters and Sr. Ethna Kelly, a Mercy sister. They talked about what spirituality meant to them, giving particular insights into the season of Lent. Marian began be explaining why the focus on ecology is a relevant and active spirituality.<BR/><BR/><BR>[podcast] [/podcast]

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